Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the most well known airport of the Netherlands. Nearly all airline companies are represented there. The airport is spaciously designed and offers every facility you can imagine: shops, small bars and Internet connections. On the destinations map you will find all the destinations of from and to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Travelling from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam
At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol you will find a train station of the Dutch Railways, which offers a direct connection to Amsterdam Central Station. You can also travel to many other destinations, such as Leiden, The Hague and Rotterdam. It is best to buy a ticket at the ticket vending machine in the in the central hall. You are not meant to buy a ticket on the train – where it is much more expensive. Departure times and prices are available on (website in English).

Do you not feel like waiting or carrying your bags? Then the Schiphol Travel Taxi is ideal for you. This national taxi service is available to everyone travelling to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The taxi will collect you from your home address and deliver you in front of the Departure hall. Nothing could be easier! Information
All across Amsterdam Airport Schiphol you will find information points where you can get assistance if you have questions. There are counters on both sides of the passport control. The self-service information computers can be consulted 24 hours per day.

Before going through customs you will find a wide array of shops and bars.

Security measures
The security measures at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol have been tightened. You are not allowed to take sharp and/or dangerous items on board with you in your hand luggage. We urgently advise you to place such articles in your suitcase, so it can be transported (where possible) in the hold of the aircraft. If you have any doubt please get in touch with the call centre.