damaged luggage

Your luggage is subject to scratches, spots, dents and other minor forms of damage due to normal use. We are not responsible for this or for damage to handles, wheels, straps and other projecting parts of luggage.

If you discover more significant damage to your luggage, we ask that you report this to our on-site representative immediately upon arrival. You will then receive a Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R. report).

Did you buy travel and/or luggage insurance? If so, it would be more advantageous to submit your claim to your insurance provider. This is because we have only limited liability for damaged luggage. If you are not covered by insurance, you can submit your claim directly to us.

what should you do?
You can submit your claim for damaged luggage by completing our web form or by printing it out, completing it and sending it to one of these addresses:

For flights to or from the Netherlands:
afdeling Customer Care
Postbus 7777,
1118 ZM Luchthaven Schiphol.
The Netherlands

For flights to or from Paris-Orly, Lyon, Nantes or Lille:
BlueLink international
Service Bagages transavia.com France
94204 Ivry sur Seine Cedex