domestic animals only accepts dogs and cats. Your dog or cat will be transported in a kennel in the luggage hold or in a travel bag for pets in the cabin. The transport of a dog or cat is always at your own risk.

  • only transports dogs and cats that are at least 3 months and 21 days old.
  • You are allowed to transport two puppies or kittens (if they are related) or a mother and one puppy or kitten in a single kennel.
  • Per passenger you may take one pet with you in the cabin and two kennels in the luggage hold (if possible within the stated general conditions).
  • You should be in the possession of a passport for pets.
  • It's not possible to book a pet in hold on flights departing from Chambéry.
  • For flights from Dubai, we can only transport pets in the hold if the combined weight of your pet and kennel does not exceed 32 kg.

report the transport of your pet in advance
If you want to travel with a pet, you can book this online. Since the number of available places is limited, we advise you to report the transport of your pet at the same time you book. When you do this, you will need the following information: weight of the animal and the dimensions of your kennel if you already own one.

surcharges and conditions for the transport of a dog or cat

Transport conditionsLuggage holdCabin
Fare per single journey€ 60 per kennel€ 40 per travel bag for pets or kennel
TransportAirworthy, made entirely of plastic
existing kennel (in accordance with the IATA guidelines)
Closed travel bag for pets or kennel (cabin pet box). Pets may never be placed on a seat. The travel bag for pets or kennel should be placed on the floor and remain closed throughout the entire flight..
Measurement of the kennel/air-travel bag for petsMaximum measurement: length 102 cm x
width 69 cm x height 76 cm
Maximum measurement: length 47 cm x width 30 cm x height 27 cm. If in excess it will be transported in the luggage hold.
Maximum weightPet + kennel a total of 75 kgPet + bag/kennel a total of 10 kg

kennels for transport
  • A kennel should offer sufficient space to allow your dog or cat to stand (without touching the top), to turn and to lie in comfortably. A kennel made of metal or wood is not allowed. The floor of the kennel must be covered by a blanket or newspaper. For safety reasons, articles such as toys, soft toys and chewy items may not be transported in the kennel.
  • For flights from the Netherlands: The special kennels can be bought at SDBV (Schiphol Services B.V.), location: on the Kelderplein, between departure halls 1 and 2. At Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Eindhoven Airport there are no kennels available.
  • For flights from Paris-Orly: The Bagages du Monde company, location: Orly Sud, porte G on the floor of the departure hall, is specialised in the transport of special packages. For information about kennels you may get in touch with +33 1 49 78 97 75.

Not allowedIs allowed

passport and travel requirements for animals
An EU regulation determines that during transport between member states, dogs and cats should be accompanied by a passport for household pets.

Please note: your pet must be equipped with an electronic identification system (transponder); a tattoo alone is no longer sufficient.

The passport should meet the following requirements:

  • It should contain information about rabies vaccinations: if the pet has been vaccinated for the first time, or if the dog is vaccinated once more after the old vaccination has expired, the pet may not be taken across borders before 21 days have passed. The duration of the validity of the rabies vaccination is determined by the recommendation of the producer of the vaccine (the term is contained in the instruction leaflet).
  • It should contain the required data related to the health condition of the animals. To be valid, the certificate about the health of the animal should have the section for 'clinical examination’ completed as well.
  • The passport should have sections for clinical examination and legalisation, which means the passport should also be suitable for the transport of animals outside the EU.
Please note: for Malta, a blood test for rabies is also required.

The passport should have been issued by a veterinary surgeon appointed by the appropriate authorities. The transport of your pet takes place at your own risk. If you are unable to present a passport for household pets or if an electronic identification system is absent, will not accept the animal on the flight. For more information about the import regulations of the pet, you may get in touch with the embassy of the destination country.

practical tips
  • Always make arrangements (for example, for vaccinations and travel documents) well in advance.
  • Take into account the fact that some countries have stringent quarantine regulations for every animal that enters the country.
  • Fasten a label containing the name of the animal and the feeding instructions to the side of the kennel.
  • Allow your pet to get used to the kennel prior to the flight. Five days are mostly sufficient for a pet to become familiar with a kennel.
  • Never give your pet anything to drink within the last 4 hours before departure.
  • Animals may suffer from air sickness. Therefore never give your pet any food within the last 12 hours before departure.
  • We strongly advise against giving your pet any sedative prior to the journey. It will result in the animal taking longer to adapt to its new environment and possibly in the animal suffering from hypothermia during the flight.
assistant dog
You may transport guide dogs for the blind, assistant dogs or a rescue dogs in the cabin free of charge irrespective of their size.