important information for online check-in

Carefully read the following information before you check in by using the Internet.

Changing your seat
Sometimes you will not be able to change the seat that has been assigned to you, because we have already assigned you the most suitable seat. You cannot change your seat if:
  • you travel with a baby or children
  • you have limited mobility or travel with a wheelchair
  • you need assistance or have medical luggage with you
  • you travel with a pet (which includes a guide dog for the blind) in the cabin
  • your child travels alone
However, you can print your boarding pass(es).

Checking in by using the Internet in 4 simple steps:
1. Enter your name, confirmation number and flight number.

2. Select the passengers(s) that you want check in.
Important: Do you want tochange the seat selection for all of the passengers? Then tick them all on!Then you select a new seat for each passenger separately. You can only change seats once.

3. You have already been assigned seats. You can accept them or select a new seat for each passenger separately.

4. Print your boarding pass(es).

Please note: To be able to print your boarding pass, Acrobat Reader (version 6.x or higher) is required.Download Acrobat Reader.

We do all we can to ensure that you actually get the seat that you have selected. However no rights may be claimed with regard to your seat selection. The seat preference that you indicate when you check in online is always subject to certain conditions. The reason being that the cabin personnel – under the management of the purser – are always responsible for the seat distribution. In view of the safety regulations, in particular, it may be necessary to adjust the seat distribution.