lost luggage

Even with careful luggage handling, it is still possible that your luggage will not arrive at its destination immediately. We will then do everything we can to deliver your luggage to you.

items lost on the aircraft or at the airport
For flights to Schiphol: At Schiphol, our employees deliver all found items to the Lost & Found Department. You can enquire about your lost items by contacting the Schiphol Customer Contact Centre. From the Netherlands, call 0900 0141 (40 cent/minute) or use an information pillar in the terminal at Schiphol. From abroad, you may call +31 20 7940800 (normal rate). Or you can submit details about your lost item by completing a Lost & Found web form by going to www.schiphol.nl and using ‘lost’ or ‘found’ as a search term to arrive at the Lost & Found page.

For flights to other airports: At other airports, our employees deliver all lost items either to their own Lost & Found Department or the Lost & Found Department at that airport. For more information, you can contact the airport.

missing checked-in luggage
When luggage goes missing, you should go to our on-site representative to have a Property Irregularity Report (P.I.R.) drawn up immediately after arrival at the airport (before leaving the customs area). If other persons with whom you are travelling are missing luggage as well, this should be reported on the P.I.R. report. Based on the information in the P.I.R. report, we will do everything we can to locate your luggage.

online information about your missing luggage
By using the file number of your P.I.R., you can follow the status of your missing luggage. view the status of your missing luggage

requesting the status of your missing luggage
During the first 5 days, you may stay in touch with our on-site representative at the airport where you arrived – whose telephone number you received after reporting the loss – to ask for information regarding the status of your luggage. If the missing luggage has not been located within 5 days, we ask that you complete a Baggage Inventory Form (B.I.F.) and send it to transavia.com. After 21 days, you can submit a claim.

is something from inside your luggage missing?
If you discover something missing from inside your luggage after you leave the airport, you should report this to the police. If you decide to submit a claim, we can process a claim it only if you have made a report to the police.

Did you buy travel and/or luggage insurance? If so, it would be more advantageous to submit your claim to your insurance provider. This is because we have only limited liability for damaged luggage. If you are not covered by insurance, you can submit your claim directly to us. What should you do? You can submit your claim for missing luggage by completing our web form or by printing it out, completing it and sending it to one of these addresses:

For flights to or from the Netherlands:
afdeling Customer Care
Postbus 7777,
1118 ZM Luchthaven Schiphol
The Netherlands

For flights to or from Paris-Orly, Lyon, Nantes or Lille:
BlueLink international
Service Bagages transavia.com France
94204 Ivry sur Seine Cedex

compensation for costs incurred during the first days after your luggage went missing
If your luggage is still missing for longer than a day after you arrived at your destination in another country, you can be compensated for the costs you incurred to replace certain items (such as personal care items) that are directly related to the fact that your luggage went missing. We only compensate costs that are considered to be reasonable. The only telephone costs that will be reimbursed are those made to the on-site representative are reimbursed. You can submit a claim up to 21 days after you have received your luggage.

your luggage is found
If your luggage is found, we will have it delivered as soon as possible to your home address or the place where you are staying. You will not need to come to the airport unless customs issues make it impossible to deliver the luggage to your home address or the place where you are staying. In these cases, you will have to collect your luggage from the airport yourself.