14 October 2013-19.00h – 16 October 2013 06.00h: Strike French Air Traffic control

There will be a strike of French Air Traffic control from 14 October 2013 19.00h (local time) until 16 October 2013 06.00h (local time). This means that delays may be possible on all flights of transavia.com (both to and from France as to and from our other destinations) on 10 October 2013. We will do our utmost to minimise delays as much as possible. We will keep you informed via our website if our schedule is adjusted.

We advise you to check both teletext and the website of your departure airport. If you have booked via a travel organisation, you have to contact your travel agent. Are you already at the airport? We will inform you via the screens on the airport.

Many flight routes to for example Spain and Portugal pass the air space of France. Due to the strike the capacity of French airspace is limited. This means that many flights have to fly alternative routes to avoid French airspace. These routes do not have enough capacity to handle all air traffic. This means that the schedule of flights that would normally pass over France will possibly also be affected.

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