Change your flight

If your travel plans have changed, you can change your booking yourself simply by going to For a group flight, you can make a change that affects everyone in your entire group or only certain people. These are the kinds of changes you can make:
  • another airport of departure and/or final destination
  • another travel date
  • another travel time
  • a change in name/date of birth

Easily changing your flight yourself
You can easily change your booking yourself by going to my At ‘my bookings’, select the booking you want to change. Click on ‘change booking’ and then select your new flight date, flight time or route. You will immediately be shown any costs for the change(s). After the confirmation of your change(s), we will send you a new booking confirmation.

Costs for changes
The change fee is €50 per person per single journey plus any difference in ticket price. If you purchased Flex Unlimited or Flex 48 Hours, you do not pay any change fees, and you can change passenger details at no charge up to 48 hours after booking. For changes made through the call centre, you pay €55 per person per single journey.

You can change almost everything about your flight except if:

  • you mentioned any special requests when making your booking, such as taking a wheelchair or pet with you. In such a case, please contact our call centre to update your booking.
  • you have already checked in. If so, you can no longer change your booking.
  • you are departing from or flying to the Netherlands and you wish to change your flight to depart from or fly to Paris-Orly. This is not possible.

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