seat reservation offers travellers the option of paying extra to reserve their seat up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure time for their flight. This option is available on most of’s routes but just to be sure that it is available for your destination, you will always be informed of this during the reservation procedure.
In selecting your seat, you can choose from a seat with extra or standard legroom and a seat next to a window, on the aisle, or in the middle of a row. You can also determine the location in the cabin: front, middle or back. The choice is entirely up to you.

how to reserve a seat
  1. During the reservation process: you will be given the opportunity to reserve your seat when booking your flight.
  2. After booking your flight: you can go to My where you can reserve your seat up to 48 hours before departure. At My, select My bookings and then click on ‘seat reservations’.
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seat choice
To make your seat reservation, you will be shown a seating chart for the aircraft. You can then see at a glance which seats are still available and which seats have standard or extra legroom. The costs associated with reserving seats are as follows:
  • seat with extra legroom: € 15,- / one-way flight
  • seat with standard legroom: € 4,- / one-way flight

for whom can you reserve a seat?
You may choose to reserve a seat for everyone in your group or only some of them: this choice is entirely up to you. The only exception would be anyone for whom seat reservation is not possible (see below). The e-mail you receive that confirms your flight reservation also provides you with all the details about your seat reservation. Always take this with you on your trip.

not everyone can make use of the seat reservation option
Due to safety rules, a number of restrictions apply to certain groups of passengers. For these passengers, will have already selected the most suitable seat.
Reserving a seat is not possible for:
  • passengers who cannot walk very far if at all (example: passengers in a wheelchair)
  • passengers who require extra oxygen aboard the aircraft [except for passengers travelling with a portable oxygen concentrator (POC)]
  • passengers travelling with a pet / assistance dog in the cabin
  • children ages 5 through 11 who are flying unaccompanied by an adult
  • blind or deaf passengers

Reserving a seat next to the emergency exit is not possible for:
  • passengers travelling with children ages 0 through 11
  • very obese passengers
  • pregnant women
  • passengers travelling with a portable oxygen concentrator (POC)
  • passengers who cannot understand or communicate in either Dutch or English (in connection with the explanation of safety instructions)
  • passengers with health problems
  • children ages 12 through 15 who are flying unaccompanied by an adult
  • passengers with a fear of flying
  • mentally handicapped passengers

what if you reserved a seat but are assigned to another one?
If personnel at the check-in counter or aboard the aircraft have to assign you to a seat other than the one your reserved due to such reasons as safety rules not included in the list provided above, you are entitled to a refund of the costs for reserving the seat on the condition that you cannot be given a seat of equal or better quality. In such a case, always be sure to request a refund form from our cabin personnel.
read more about the conditions for refunds in the fare conditions