cancel booking

Should you need to cancel your booking, the only way to do this is to contact our call centre. The fare incurred for the cancelled tickets will not be refunded, but we can refund all the passenger-related taxes imposed by the airport and government agencies if you request this refund. If you purchased cancellation insurance, you could also submit a claim to have the fare refunded.

when do you qualify?
  • You booked your airline ticket directly through If you booked via a travel agency, you may address your questions to your travel agency.
  • You must submit your request using the online form (or in writing) within 3 months of the travel date booked. If you submit your request at a later date you will no longer qualify for a refund.

this is how it works
You may submit a request for a refund of the passenger-related taxes levied by the airport or the authorities. The administration fee for a whole booking is €30. To submit your request you may make use of the online form. Select the following subject: tax refund. Enter all the details. Please note: enter your calculation in the ‘Remark’ field. This ensures the speedy handling of your request. Send the form. The refunded amount will be deposited into the account, which was used for paying the booking.

Calculate how much you should receive and enter this calculation on the online form:
  1. stipulate the total amount in taxes and surcharges (the exact amount can be found in your booking confirmation).
  2. if your flight departed from Amsterdam, you should subtract a surcharge of €2 for noise isolation per passenger.
  3. subtract €30 for administration fees from the amount.
  4. subtract €3 per person for the one-way booking fee from the amount.
  5. subtract the costs of any seat reservation from the amount.
  6. subtract the costs of any hold luggage purchased from the amount.
  7. the remaining amount will be refunded.
  8. enter your calculation in the online form.

an example
You have booked a return ticket from Amsterdam to Barcelona for two persons. You paid a total of €116.38 in taxes and surcharges. When you carry out the abovementioned calculation, you will receive a refund of €70.38.

total taxes and surchargesonward and return journeys combined€ 116,38
noise isolation surchargetotal for 2 passengers€ 4,00
booking fee€ 12,00
seat reservation€ 0,00
hold luggage€ 0,00
administration fee€ 30,00
you receive€ 70,38

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