Sal, Cape Verde

Dream beaches, swaying palm trees, lovely weather, perfect for water sports and friendly people: that is Sal!

Book a ticket to Sal: the most northerly island of Cape Verde, just off the coast of West Africa. Sun worshippers can relax on the snowy white beaches on the turquoise ocean. The beaches are the venue for international kite surfing and windsurfing competitions. The lovely gentle breeze creates perfect waves. Stroll to the pier, the centre point of the beach, in the morning. The fishermen come to shore with their catch which you can then order all over the island. Nowhere else is there such a wide choice of fresh fish! On Sal’s south coast is the lively town of Santa Maria with colourful restaurants and bars with swinging music.

Fly to 'the island of salt'

Sal was once an important salt mining island, and traces of the mining still remain. A dormant volcano crater lies at the village of Pedra Luma. Enjoy a special view over the salt pans and float in the salty water to experience for yourself just how salty the water is. Fly to Sal, discover its white sandy beaches and its extraordinary salt flats!

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