Impressive sights in Split

The city of Split in Croatia is the perfect gateway to the surrounding Dalmatian islands. But did you know that there are also plenty of great sights to visit in Split itself? The number one sight is Diocletian’s Palace, an impressive 3.5 hectares in size!


Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian’s Palace is the historic heart of the city. Here you will find the most important sights of Split all in one place. Thanks to its unique combination of Roman architecture and medieval urban design, Diocletian’s Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Inside the walls of the palace are historic treasures like the Temple of Jupiter, Cathedral of Saint Dominus and palace basements. Nowadays, you’ll also find plenty of shops and food here – a great combination of culture and relaxation!


Cathedral of Saint Domnius

The Cathedral of Saint Domnius is part of the gigantic Diocletian’s Palace. The cathedral also contains a mausoleum for the Roman emperor of the same name. It was built in the 4th century and remains virtually unchanged to this day. The cathedral bell towers – a symbol of the city – were not built until the 11th century. The cathedral also contains a large collection of medieval art.

Sight: Cathedral of Saint Domnius
Sight: Muzej Grada Splita

Muzej Grada Splita

Want to learn more about the history of Split? Visit the city museum. It’s located in Papalic Palace, which is also worth visiting for its Late Gothic style. The city museum has three floors and a large collection of coins, drawings, 17th-century weapons and furniture.


Meštrović Gallery

Art lovers will also find plenty to excite them during a citytrip in Split. This museum has a large collection of works by Ivan Meštrovic, a famous Croatian sculptor. One of his most famous works is the statue of Grgur Ninski in Split. Meštrovic himself established the museum and donated it to Croatia. It exhibits statue sketches, drawings and furniture by Meštrovic.

Sight: Meštrović Gallery

Split Aquarium

Finished visiting all the historic sights of Split? Visit the aquarium. This is especially fun for kids and perfect for a rainy day. With 130 different species of fish, it’s the largest aquarium in Croatia. Not only will you find saltwater fish here, but also freshwater fish, turtles and crocodiles. And you can even catch your own fish for dinner! You can also buy fun souvenirs here for the home front.