Luxor, Egypt

Want to combine a beach holiday with culture? Fly to the south of Egypt and enjoy the treasures of Luxor!

Luxor is paradise on earth for culture enthusiasts. Located on the banks of the Nile, this city is filled with historic gems, from traces of the pharaohs and mysterious frescos to stately temples and impressive tombs. The most famous site is the Valley of the Kings, with the tomb of Tutankhamun. Or perhaps Luxor Temple. Its entrance alone, lined with sphinxes, is a truly unique site!

When can you fly to sunny Luxor?

You can enjoy a sun-drenched beach holiday in Egypt all year round. The temperatures always average above 20 degrees, even in the winter. The golden beaches are perfect for relaxing, and allow you to enjoy views of the beautiful Red Sea and explore its impressive underwater world. Take a break from the beach for a day and take a cruise along the Nile, an unforgettable experience! Book your flight to Luxor today!

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