Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Are you looking for amazing underwater life? Or have you always wanted to cross the desert on a camel? Book a ticket to Sharm el Sheikh!

The bustling Sharm el Sheikh lies between Mount Sinai and the Red Sea. It is a scuba diver’s paradise. Discover rare coral reefs and a great diversity of exotic fish in the crystal clear water. A unique experience is climbing Mount Sinai. The fantastic view over the gigantic mountain chain is amazing! After a day of experiences, relax on the white sandy beach. Dream yourself to sleep with the Red Sea in the background. The old centre of Sharm el Sheikh lies at the southern end. Breathe in the history in this snug area and enjoy the local fish specialities here.

When are you flying to Sharm el Sheikh?

Nestled in a desert, it is hardly surprising that Sharm el Sheikh has a desert climate. Fortunately there is always a refreshing breeze in the summer making it very pleasant. With temperatures mostly above 20 degrees, Sharm el Sheikh is the perfect destination for a sunny holiday all year round!

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