Friedrichshafen, Germany

Get your winter sports gear down from the attic - it’s now time for snow! Book a ticket to Friedrichshafen, your perfect winter sports destination.

Close to the borders of Austria and Switzerland lies the charming town of Friedrichshafen. The flight there takes only 1 hour. Take on the pistes of the surrounding ski areas of Lech and St. Anton and feel the adrenaline course through your body. Stroll along the promenade after an energetic day and enjoy the view over the beautiful Lake Constance. In the evening, sample the delicious culinary offerings with fresh shellfish from the lake.

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Apart from skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding, Friedrichshafen has much more to offer. Take a day off from skiing and visit the one and only Zeppelin Museum. It houses both the largest collection of Zeppelins in the world and the restored Hindenburg Zeppelin. Are you interested in historic monuments? Admire the Schlosskirche, a lovely Baroque church decorated with unique carvings.

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