With its countless islands, azure blue seas, perpetually warm climate, extraordinary history and culture… it’s hard not to fall in love with Greece!

In addition to the mainland with the bustling city of Athens as its proud capital, Greece boasts around 6,000 (!) islands, of which more than 200 are inhabited. With so many islands filled with snow-white sandy beaches, palm trees and Greek restaurants, it’s hard to choose just one. Enjoy a relaxing walk along the beach or take a bike ride through the woods, go surfing, snorkelling or climb a volcano. Greece is perfect for an active outdoor holiday. Tip: take a boat and island-hop the beautiful Cyclades!


A modern metropolis with more than 1,200 archaeological sites, beautiful beaches, great food and, of course, ouzo: welcome to Athens!

Fly to one of the oldest cities in the world. Athens has plenty to excite culture enthusiasts. From temples and ruins to cathedrals and amphitheatres, you’ll imagine yourself in another world. 

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  • Heraklion (Crete)

    An island full of little white houses, beautiful sandy and pebble beaches, unique plants and flowers and a wealth of history. With a ticket to Crete, you’re treating yourself to a well-earned holiday!

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  • Kos

    A picturesque fishing port, charming villages, cycling paths and locals who greet you with a smile are what you’ll find on Kos. Buy a ticket to this beautiful and friendly little island!

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  • Thessaloniki

    Fly to the second largest city in Greece: Thessaloniki. A quiet town with a Mediterranean climate, beautiful buildings, great neighbourhoods and, of course...gyros!

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  • Chania

    Fishing boats bob in the harbour, the Lefka Ori mountain looks over the town, and there are traces of years gone by everywhere. Welcome to Chania.

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  • Santorini

    Little white houses on a 300-metre high cliff, traces of an erupted volcano and a rich history can all be found on Santorini.

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  • Mykonos

    Looking for an island filled with glamour, trendy shops, enchanting beaches and bustling nightlife? Book a flight to Mykonos, the Ibiza of Greece.

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  • Chios

    With its more than one hundred beaches, varied landscape, little tourism and picturesque fishing villages, Chios is a different kind of Greek island!

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  • Rhodos

    Book a flight to one of the most popular islands in Greece: Rhodos! This sun-drenched island is perfect for relaxing on beautiful, long sandy beaches.

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  • Cephalonia

    Interested in an activity-filled holiday, exploring nature or simply working on your tan on beautiful sandy beaches? The Greek island of Cephalonia has something for everyone!

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  • Kalamata

    Looking for a Greek island with little mass tourism, traditional villages and restaurants, mountains and beautiful bays? Book a flight to Kalamata!

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  • Lesbos

    Romantic coastlines and quiet bays, rolling hills covered in olive and pine trees, trendy cafés and clubs and a mouthwatering combination of mezes (small dishes) and ouzo. Fly to Lesbos and discover traditional Greece!

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  • Preveza (Lefkas)

    Beautiful bays surrounded by a stunning mountain landscape and sandy beaches with crystal-clear water are what you can expect in Preveza!

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In the middle of the Ionic Sea is the charming paradise of Zakynthos. Turquoise waters, breathtaking panoramic views and a delightful cuisine offer all the Mediterranean ingredients for an unforgettable and relaxing holiday!

Looking for the most beautiful beaches in Greece? Fly to Zakynthos! Here you will find snow-white sandy beaches that disappear into clear turquoise waters. 

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