Chios, Greece

With its more than one hundred beaches, varied landscape, little tourism and picturesque fishing villages, Chios is a different kind of Greek island!

Fly to Chios and discover a traditional Greek island with its own unique character. If you love nature, you’ll love Chios. The southern part of the island is predominantly green and covered with olive, citrus and mastic trees. In the north, you’ll find Pelineos Mountain, perfect for hiking. Do you smell citrus blossoms and mastic? Then you must be in the interior of Chios, where its fertile plains are located. Naturally, the island also has a fabulous coast. With over a hundred beaches, you’ll find yourself by the crystal-clear sea in no time!

When are you flying to Chios?

Want to enjoy Chios in blossom? Book your ticket in the spring, when the gladioli, irises and orchids are in full bloom. Want to explore the island’s history in addition to enjoying its nature? The island capital of Chios City is home to lovely castles and Byzantine monasteries. The Nea Moni is the most important monastery on the island. End your day in one of the fishing ports, where the restaurants serve mouthwatering moussaka (minced lamb and aubergine). Those looking to enjoy some nightlife will find plenty of it along the bustling promenade!

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