Kalamata, Greece

Looking for a Greek city with little mass tourism, traditional villages and restaurants, mountains and beautiful bays? Book a flight to Kalamata!

Fly to Kalamata and enjoy a holiday on Greece’s largest peninsula, Peloponessos. There is still very little mass tourism here, making it perfect for those looking for peace and quiet and relaxation. Long pebble and sand beaches can be found along the coast. The nature here consists primarily of olive trees, shrubs, cypresses and colourful flowers. In the interior, you can explore mountains and magnificent gorges. The highest mountaintops are more than 2,000 metres high, perfect for day hikes!

Peloponnessos and its history...

Peloponessos has been home to different cultures since prehistoric times. Here you will find a lovely mix of medieval castles, Venetian forts, temples, ruins and amphitheatres. Peloponessos may very well be the most historic peninsula in Greece! In the evening - as can be expected - fresh fish can be found on the menu. You won’t be able to get enough of it!

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