Mykonos, Greece

Looking for an island filled with glamour, trendy shops, enchanting beaches and bustling nightlife? Book a flight to Mykonos, the Ibiza of Greece.

Fly to Mykonos and, in less than four hours, you’ll have landed on an island with irresistible allure. Here you will find hilly streets with bright white houses, luxury yachts alongside traditional fishing boats, lively clubs and charming old windmills. But there’s much more to experience here! Explore the hundreds of churches and chapels in Mykonos City, hidden along narrow, winding streets. Another must-see is the artists’ village of Alefkandra, also called ‘Little Venice’. Tall buildings and charming little houses with brightly coloured balconies reaching out over the sea are found along the water.

When are you flying to Mykonos?

In the summer, Mykonos is a popular and crowded island. Thousands of cruise ship passengers sunbathe on the sandy beaches, while fashionistas find inspiration in Mykonos City. Mykonos is wonderfully quiet and relaxing in the spring and fall. Pink pelicans can be seen floating down the streets and, while the bustling nightlife of the summer months continues until dawn, it is an oasis of tranquillity during off-season. When are you flying to Mykonos?

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