Naples, Italy

Looking for a city with fantastic food, a rich culture, impressive squares and a beautiful blue bay? Book a ticket to the Italian city of Naples!

The city of Naples is located in Southern Italy between the Vesuvius volcano and the Mediterranean Sea. The city of Pompeii lies buried beneath lava and ash from this volcano. The remaining temples, bathhouses and theatres reveal a city once bursting with life in a completely different world. The city also boasts inviting squares with beautiful churches and palaces like the Cathedral and Royal Palace. Want to take a break from sightseeing? Relax and unwind on the beach in the beautiful blue Bay of Naples, where you’ll find the unique flower island of Capri. This fairytale island is home to subtropical plants and flowers and offers breathtaking views. You can sail to this lovely little gem of an island from Naples.

Fly to the mouthwatering cuisine of Naples!

Looking for a tasty meal at the end of an active day? Naples is the birthplace of pizza. Enjoy a famous Pizza Margherita and an ice cream and espresso dessert, specialities for which the city is famous. Book a flight to Naples today and enjoy some of the best food on the planet!

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