Exotic Morocco is a country of extremes, from snow-topped mountains in the north to the hot Saharan desert in the south.

Morocco has such a varied landscape that there is absolutely something for everyone here. The most beautiful beaches in the country are found around Agadir, where you can enjoy a relaxing beach holiday. Mystical Marrakesh offers impressive mosques (tip: visit Djemaa el-Fna), local markets and the centuries-old Medina. A combination of beach and culture can be found in Casablanca, where you most definitely must visit the immense Hassan II mosque. Morocco also has a fabulous cuisine. Make sure to try the tajine, a stew filled with delicious vegetables, spices and chicken, fish or meat.

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Enchanting palaces, breathtaking mosques, colourful markets and a square to excite all your senses: welcome to magical Marrakech.

Book a flight to Marrakesh and be pleasantly surprised by this mystical city. The beating heart of Marrakech is the medina and Djemaa el-Fna square.

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  • Agadir

    A half-moon shaped bay with an endlessly long boulevard, colourful souks, a modern marina and a wonderful climate. This is Agadir!

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  • Casablanca

    Wild beaches, imposing mosques, a thriving city centre and amazing architecture - you cannot get enough of Casablanca!

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  • Oujda

    The gigantic Sahara desert, the magnificent Rif Mountains and an old centre with historic monuments. Fly to Oujda, the city where nature and culture go hand-in-hand.

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  • Fez

    Discover cobalt blue pottery, impressive mosques, exquisite palaces and, of course...souks! You can experience it all with a ticket to Fez.

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  • Essaouira

    Enjoy wide, white sandy beaches, a centuries-old medina and fabulous cuisine. Book a ticket to Essaouira and discover the charm of this lovely little fishing village!

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