Amsterdam, the Netherlands

More than one hundred canals, unique leaning houses, just as many bicycles as people, brown cafés and a cosy atmosphere. This is Amsterdam!

There is no other city like the Netherlands' capital city. You can stroll for hours along the 17th century streets housing masterpieces, small shops and unique leaning town houses. Amsterdam’s many 'belts of canals' are a real highlight for any visit. These became, justifiably, a UNESCO World Heritage Site a few years ago. Do you want to know how it feels to be a resident of this large city? Jump into a boat or onto a bike! These are {i>the<i} modes of transport to go to work or to meet up with friends.

Fly to Amsterdam, the city that is always on the go

Whether you walk through Amsterdam early in the morning or late at night, the city is always buzzing. Have a drink at one of the café terraces, picnic in the Vondelpark or visit one of the many museums. By night, get to know a different side of vibrant Amsterdam. Big hip clubs can be found next to small karaoke bars. The 'brown cafés', named for their dark wooden interiors, are centuries old and are authentic Amsterdam. A plane ticket to Amsterdam will give you an unforgettable city trip! 

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