La Palma, Spain

Fly to ‘La Isla Bonita’, as the charming La Palma is known as. Without doubt it is one of the greenest and prettiest of the Spanish islands!

La Palma has incredible beauty. Its beaches lie against a backdrop of mountains, woods and volcanic scenery. There is a natural footpath running over the whole island so that you enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna to the full. Take a walk through bay or Canary pine woods, with the loveliest indigenous plants such as the famous dragon blood tree, peeping through. Did you know that La Palma is known for its clean and clear air? With a little luck you will be able to enjoy a field of stars on sultry summer evenings!

The best time to fly to La Palma

During the summer months, La Palma’s thermometers regularly reach 30 degrees. But the refreshing sea breeze and that icy glass of sangria make sure that summers here still remain pleasant. Many people also fly to La Palma in the winter. That’s easy to understand as its average winter temperature of 21 degrees makes it fantástico!

Practical information

Transport to/from the airport

La Palma’s airport is the only airport on the island. It is located about 8 km from Santa Cruz de La Palma. You can travel to Arrecife by bus or taxi.

Transport in the city/region

Travel anywhere on Lanzarote:
  • Bus

    The bus service on La Palma is the only form of public transport. There are buses everywhere and you can reach your destination easily. You can buy a ticket from the bus driver.
  • Taxi

    Taxis are available on almost every street corner on La Palma. Taxis are much cheaper than in the Netherlands and are highly recommended. 
There are no trains, trams or metros on the island of Gran Canaria.

Passport and visa

You need a valid passport or identity card.

Time zone

GMT +0 (summer time +1)
On La Palma, it is 1 hour earlier than it is in the Netherlands.


The currency used on La Palma is the Euro (EUR).

Duration of flight

The flight to La Palma is about 4.5 hours. The outbound and inbound flights may be shorter if the wind direction is favourable.

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