Stockholm, Sweden

Lovely monuments, fascinating museums, thousands of islands and the best hotspots: sample the local atmosphere of charming Stockholm!

Stockholm is a wonderful city to completely unwind or find inspiration. The capital of Sweden is in the middle of the archipelago, an area with no less than 24,000 little islands. And… the city itself is situated on 14 islands, all connected by bridges. It is therefore with good reason that Stockholm is called the ‘Venice of the North’!

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If you love historic architecture, you’re in for a treat in 700-year-old Stockholm!  Admire the Royal Palace and the coloured houses in the old centre, Gamla Stan, or marvel at the wonderfully conserved monuments in Södermalm in the south.Tip: fancy going dancing in Stockholm? Then the Östermalm district is the place to go during your citytrip in Stockholm. Are you looking for some other tips? Transavia has selected a number of sights in Stockholm just for you.

Practical information

Passport and visa

You need a valid passport or identity card. 

Time zone

GMT +1 (summer time +2)
There is no time difference between Stockholm and the Netherlands. 


The currency in Stockholm is the Swedish Krona (SEK). 

Flight duration

The flight to Stockholm takes approximately two hours. The outbound and inbound flights may be shorter if the wind direction is favourable.