Tozeur, Tunesia

Fly to one of the most famous oases in the world: Tozeur. More than 350,000 palm trees, enormous salt flats, desert tours and the medina are perfect ingredients for a unique holiday!

The charming city of Tozeur is located on a salt lake in Tunisia near the desert, making it the perfect gateway for discovering the Sahara. Apart from the desert, the city is also famous for its date palm trees. Just past the last palm tree is Sjot el Djerid, a snow-white salt lake that is the largest salt pan in the world! When the sun shines, the mirages are a fantastic sight.

When can you fly to Tozeur?

The sun shines all year round in Tozeur and the temperatures are always pleasant. You can fly to Tozeur any time of year for the perfect holiday. It can get very hot in the summer, but there’s always a breeze to cool you off, perfect when sunbathing or exploring this unique city. Don’t forget to visit the colourful medina, where you can take in some culture and buy great souvenirs. Have you already booked your flight to Tozeur?

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