Istanbul, Turkey

Affordable tickets to Istanbul

Book a flight to Istanbul and be enchanted by this fairytale-like city! Istanbul is the only city in the world situated on two continents and is divided in two by the Bosporus River. The city has magnificent mosques and palaces from the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, but is also trendy and modern. And Istanbul is definitely recommended for shopaholics. With its numerous bazaars and large shopping centres (including open-air), you might want to book an extra suitcase when purchasing your flight to Istanbul!

When are you flying to Istanbul?

The cityscape in Istanbul is dominated by fairytale-like mosques and palaces, but that’s not all! This Turkish city is ultramodern and has shopping streets and centres sure to please even the most demanding shopaholic. Buy your ticket to Istanbul today and be amazed by the impressive contrasts between new, old, east and west!

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