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Are you looking for a hotel or accommodation as well as a flight ticket? With Transavia and you can book a cheap hotel quickly. You can also book a cheap hostel, a romantic Bed & Breakfast or a luxury villa!

Book a cheap hotel

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Book a hotel for every destination quickly and easily with our partner The advantages of

  • Lowest price guarantee
  • No reservation costs
  • Safe payment
  • Manage your booking easily online

Earn Flying Blue Miles with your hotel booking

As well as with flights, it is also possible to earn Miles with your hotel booking. Book a hotel with our partner via Transavia and earn 1 Mile for every euro you spend. It is simple: go to the Transavia - website and enter your Flying Blue number when booking your hotel. The Miles will be added in the month after your stay at the hotel.

Make your trip complete!

Arrange a cheap car rental or a transfer from and to the airport with Transavia and our partners CarTrawler and

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