Hold luggage

At transavia.com, you can book your hold luggage online easily and at a reduced rate. When booking, provide the number of hold luggage you plan to take. Did you end up packing more than expected? Book extra hold luggage online quickly and easily via My Transavia.

How it works

  1. You can distribute your hold luggage among 5 bags per person.

  2. You pay one fixed rate for the total weight of your hold luggage:

    Total weight of your hold luggage*

    Rate for one-way flight

    15 kg

    € 15

    20 kg

    € 20

    25 kg

    € 25

    30 kg

    € 35

    40 kg

    € 45

    50 kg

    € 75

* Maximum total weight: 50 kg per person. Maximum weight per bag: 32 kg.

Affordable online booking

As long as you have not yet checked in (online or at the airport), you can book your hold luggage at a reduced rate via My Transavia. Did you end up taking more hold luggage than you booked? You can purchase extra hold luggage at the airport at a rate of €10 per kg.

Good to know!

  1. Book your hold luggage before you check in (online or at the airport). After you have checked in, you can no longer make any changes to your booking.
  2. Musical instruments and household appliances can also be taken as hold luggage. The same rates apply as above.
  3. Are you travelling with a baby or child? Read more about luggage for babies and children.

Didn’t book beforehand?

If you arrive at the airport with hold luggage that has not been booked and paid for beforehand, you can purchase a hold luggage allowance at the airport. You pay €30 for the first 15 kilos, after which the rate is €10 per kg.