Enjoy your favourite film during your flight

Want to watch your favourite films and series while flying to your destination? Download the Transavia Entertainment App onto your tablet or smartphone! Use the app to download your favourite films and series and watch them during your flight.

Free for a limited time period!

  • As of 1 March 2017, Transavia will no longer be supporting the Entertainment app

     You can keep using the Entertainment app on your flights until 28 February. At the moment, we’re busy developing a new onboard app. As soon as the app is available, you’ll be the first to know!

How it works


Download the app

Download and watch the best films and series with the Transavia Entertainment App. The app is free and can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. 

After downloading the app, log in with your booking number and surname.


Select your favourite films and series

Logged in? Great! You can now select your favourite films and series and add them to your playlist. You can download a maximum of five films or series to your tablet or mobile phone per person, per flight.

Important: The five films or series you downloaded for the outbound flight will not be available in your playlist during the return flight. Did you not watch all of the films and series you downloaded? You can re-download them for your return flight!


Download films and series

The selected films and series can be downloaded from your playlist. But make sure you do this before your trip!

Tips for downloading:
Only download the films when your tablet or phone is connected to Wi-Fi.
Create enough space on your tablet or phone first. The films and series are around 1 GB each.


View the films on board

After you board the plane, the films and series that you downloaded will be available for viewing. Switch your tablet or phone to Flight Mode and start watching!

Before leaving home…
Fully charge your phone or tablet.
Don’t forget your headphones. But should you forget them, we sell headphones on board.

Films and series

  1. A Walk In The Woods
  2. Everest
  3. Hunger Games Mockingjay 2
  4. Love Actually
  5. Minions
  6. Notting Hill
  7. Ronaldo
  8. She's Funny That Way
  9. Sleeping With Other People
  10. Straight Outta Compton
  11. Trumbo
  12. Fissa
  13. Bon Bini Holland
  14. Brasserie Valentijn
  15. De Ontsnapping
  16. Fashion Chicks
  17. Hallo Bungalow
  18. Ja, Ik Wil!
  19. Mees Kees
  20. Verliefd Op Ibiza

Try it out for free now!

  • Choose from a lot of films and series
  • Flying has never been so entertaining
  • Now available for free

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