Compensate CO2 or fly climate-neutral

The climate deserves our attention. We are aware of our responsibility in this area and therefore reduce energy consumption in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Compensate the emissions from your flight

You can compensate the CO2 or all greenhouse gas emissions (climate-neutral) emitted during your flight. This way, you contribute to reducing emissions, as it is unfortunately impossible to fly without emitting greenhouse gases. We offer you this possibility in collaboration with the Climate Neutral Group.

This is how it works

After you have booked a flight, you can use the Climate Neutral Group module to compensate the CO2 emissions or all greenhouse gas emissions. Fill in your flight details and select what you would like to compensate. You will see the total amount and you can pay directly.

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Climate Neutral Group

Transavia works together with the Climate Neutral Group, a Dutch organisation concerned with the voluntary compensation of CO2 in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. The Climate Neutral Group compensates CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions by investing in sustainable energy and forestry projects, thus enabling the prevention of emissions elsewhere. These projects result in a measurable reduction of the amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.