The endless Sahara, imposing mountains, green hills, a wonderful coastline and a modern capital city. Discover an impressive piece of Africa: Algeria.

The largest country in Africa, Algeria lies just outside Europe. The breathtaking Sahara covers a large part of the country, but there is much more than that. Enjoy the sun on the coast, hike through one of the magnificent mountains - a tip is the Hoggar mountains - or visit the centuries-old historic monuments such as mosques and palaces. Are you intrigued by Algeria? We will bring you to its capital city Algiers. Beach, desert and culture - the perfect combination! Book a ticket to Algeria for a memorable visit! 

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If you enjoy sunbathing on a beautiful blue bay, exploring the Sahara and absorbing culture in a centuries-old medina, then come to Algiers where there is plenty to see and do!

Algiers, the capital city of Algeria, lies on the Mediterranean Sea in the north of Africa. The city is a cultural wonder. Visit the Bardo Museum, one of the best museums in North Africa. 

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