Sights in Sofia

The Bulgarian capital city of Sofia is not yet widely known. So grab your chance now to discover the wonderful historical sights in Sofia!

Sight: Alexander Nevski Cathedral

Alexander Nevski Cathedral

The impressive appearance of the orthodox Alexander Nevski Cathedral makes it the symbol of Sofia. Built between 1882 and 1912, the cathedral was named after the Russian saint Alexander Nevski. The cathedral was built to honour the 200,000 Russian soldiers killed during the Russian-Turkish war. Make sure you walk passed the cathedral in the evening too when it is illuminated.


The National Palace of Culture

The National Palace of Culture has a rather individual design. It looks most like a castle. You can indulge in culture in the palace. Spread over eight floors, there are exhibition galleries, congress rooms and a trade centre. The square around the palace is also worth seeing with its numerous modern fountains.

Sight: The Ivan Vazov National Theatre

The Ivan Vazov National Theatre

The Ivan Vazov National Theatre is one of the sights in Sofia that is not to be missed. It is the oldest and maybe also the most beautiful theatre in Sofia. It was built in 1907 by the famous Austrian architects Helmer and Fellner. Statutes of Nike, the goddess of victory stand on the two towers. If you would also like to admire the theatre from the inside, then go to a performance there, although the shows are usually in Bulgarian.


National Art Gallery

The National Art Gallery houses more than 50,000 pieces of Bulgarian art and is certainly worth visiting. You can find the National Art Gallery in the former Royal Palace of Sofia that was inaugurated in 1882. Besides the large collection of modern art it also houses photography and many Medieval works of art. So something for everyone!

Sight: Sofia Zoo

Sofia Zoo

If you want a break from all the cultural sights in Sofia, then how about a visit to Sofia Zoo. The zoo covers no less than 230,000 m2 and it is the oldest and largest in Bulgaria. You will find 244 different animal species there, including a number of endangered animal species. A great day trip with children!