Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Are you looking for a quiet island with white sandy beaches? Fly to the paradise that is Boa Vista!

Peach coloured dunes, long deserts, waving palm trees and white sandy beaches. This is the view from Boa Vista. The literal translation of the island is 'beautiful view', and its name is perfectly justified. People looking for beaches and relaxation can find what they are looking for in Boa Vista. The breathtaking beaches are truly relaxing. Do not miss Curralinho beach. It is the best beach in Cape Verde! The ever present cool wind makes the island perfect for windsurfing.

Fly to the deserts of Boa Vista

Boa Vista not only has fabulous beaches, it also has wide deserts and hills. So a Jeep safari on Boa Vista is a real must! In the evening you can enjoy the ambiance of the town of Sal Rei. Look over the fabulous white sandy beaches from the friendly restaurants. Tip: between December and April you can go whale watching!

Practical information

Transport to/from the airport

Boa Vista’s airport is located about 5 km from the centre of its capital Sal Rei. The only form of transport to/from the airport is by taxi.
  • Taxi

    There are taxis at the arrival hall to bring you to your destination. The journey to the capital city Sal Rei takes about 10 minutes. Agree a price in advance to avoid being charged too much.

Transport in the city/region

Travel anywhere on Boa Vista:
  • Taxi

    You can hail a taxi anywhere on Boa Vista island. Licenced taxis are recognisable by their blue light and yellow horizontal stripe. It is recommended to agree a price before you leave. Otherwise you may pay more for your taxi journey.

Tip: You can also travel with an ‘aluguer’ instead of by taxi on Boa Vista. These are local transit vans that leave when they are three quarters full. They are a lot cheaper than taxis, but the trip takes longer.

Important information

  • You need a visa to enter the Cape Verde islands. 
  • The sun is blazing in Boa Vista, especially in summer. Use a suntan lotion with a high UV factor.
  • The tap water in Boa Vista is not drinkable. It is recommended to buy bottled water.

Passport and visa

The rules regarding the validity of a passport for travel to Cape Verde may vary. To ensure that you do not encounter any problems, make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months after your return to the Netherlands. Apart from a valid passport, you also need a visa. You need to apply for a visa before travelling to Cape Verde. Apply online  or in person at the Consulate of Cape Verde in Rotterdam.

Time zone

GMT - 1 
In winter, is 2 hours earlier in Boa Vista than it is the Netherlands and in summer it is 3 hours earlier.


The currency used in Boa Vista is the Cape Verde Escudo (CVE).

Duration of flight

The flight to Boa Vista is about 7 hours. The flight takes a little longer on the outbound journey from Amsterdam because of a short stop on the way.