Czech Republic

Plunge into a thermal bath, take a stroll through a fairytale-like landscape or strap on your skis and zip down forested slopes: there’s something for everyone in the Czech Republic!

The Czech Republic is especially known for its fantastic capital city of Prague. And for good reason! Prague is like one big open-air museum. Its beautiful bridges offer stunning views of the impressive Prague Castle. Yet the Czech Republic has lots more to offer. The country harbours no less than twelve UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the town of Brno. Ever wondered where Pilsner beer comes from? Visit the town of Pilsen, where this beer has been brewed for centuries. Or simply set out to explore the country’s enchanting natural environment. The Giant Mountains, South Bohemia and fabulous health resorts guarantee an unforgettable holiday!

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Hidden courtyards, a river that divides the city into two, impressive architecture and a maze of streets make Prague a unique city trip destination!

Book a flight to Prague and discover one of the largest open-air museums in Europe. The entire city is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. After only a few minutes in Prague, you’ll understand why.

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