Looking for an unforgettable winter sports destination, memorable city trip or culture-filled holiday? Germany has it all!

Germany is a land of contrasts. In its historic cities, you can stroll down streets with graffiti-decked walls, shop in trendy boutiques and spend the night in fashionable night clubs. Further down the street, you can learn all about World War II. How about going skiing in places like Friedrichshafen or taking in culture in cities like Berlin? Enjoy good food? In Germany, you can feast not only on bockwurst and pretzels, but also seasonal asparagus and chanterelle (mushrooms). Definitely worth a try! With a flight to Germany, you won’t be bored for a minute.

Book an affordable flight to Berlin

Are you looking for an ultra modern city with a rich past, creative districts, hip clubs and plenty of historical architecture? Book a ticket to cultural Berlin!

Fly to Berlin to experience everything you expect from a city tip. Do you want to eat out in splendour? No problem! Go to the Fernsehturm on the centrally located Alexanderplatz. You will get a breathtaking view from the revolving restaurant in this 368 metre high television tower.

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Book an affordable flight to Munich

When you think of Munich, do you think Oktoberfest? You thought right! But what about centuries-old buildings, museums, parks and great food?

Book a ticket to southern Germany and discover Munich, the capital of Bavaria. Munich is home to numerous historic buildings dating back throughout the history of the state.

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