The most impressive sights in Athens

The Acropolis, the Parthenon, endless museums, cafés and eateries, enjoy the many sights in Athens.

Citytrips Athens


The Acropolis is the most important historical sight in the Western world. The most famous is the Parthenon, the temple devoted to the goddess Athene. You can see it from almost anywhere in the city. Note: at night, the wonderfully illuminated monuments tower over Athens. No one will fail to be impressed.


Acropolis Museum

If you want to see original sculptures and treasures from antiquity then do not miss the Acropolis Museum. This enchanting museum is at the foot of the Acropolis. The focus is on the 5th century AD, when Greek sculpture was at its heyday. Make your day complete with a visit to the restaurant or the lovely museum shop.

Sight: Akropolis Museum
Sight: Pláka


Lose yourself for an evening in the historical district of Pláka. This labyrinth of picturesque little streets is known for its many restaurants and cafés. Be amazed by the street musicians, flower sellers or have your name written on a grain of rice. Since the Pláka is so close to the Acropolis, the district is also known as the ‘district of the Gods’.


Varvakios Agora (market)

The hectic Varvakios Agora is a treat for the senses. Taste regional produce and enjoy a variety of olives, spices, cheeses and fish. The historic meat market is also worth visiting during your citytrip to Athens. If you dare, go to one of the taverns around the market and sample one of the traditional delicacies: patsas, a soup made of pig stomach, seasoned with a mix of vinegar and garlic.

Sight: Temple of Zeus

Temple of Zeus

Behind Hadrian’s Gate, an impressive Roman construction, lies the Temple of Zeus. This was once the largest temple in Greece. The construction of the temple began in 6th century BC and it took over 600 years to complete. The ruins give you a taste of days gone by and are one of the unmissable sights in Athens.