The best sights in Corfu

The number one reason why so many people fly to Corfu is because of its fabulous beaches. Discover breath-taking inlets with rocky bays in Paleokastritsa or find utter relaxation on the amazingly beautiful sandy beaches of Glyfada. But that’s not all. You can also explore all the sights of Corfu.



The capital of Corfu is located in the south and called Kerkyra, though it is also known as Corfu City. Many say it’s the most beautiful city in all of Greece. With its abundance of history, Kerkyra has earned itself the designation of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit the Palace of St. George and St. Michael and have a look at the old Venetian fortress wall. This way, you can enjoy several of Corfu’s sights all in one day! 


Achilleion Palace

Achilleion Palace is located in Gastouri, 10 kilometres southwest of Kerkyra. It is primarily famous for being the summer residence of Austrian Empress Elisabeth, whom we all know as Sissi. Sissi named the palace after the Greek hero Achilles. Not surprisingly, the gardens are filled with statues of a variety of figures from Greek mythology, including a statue of the Dying Achilles.

Sight: Achilleion Palace
Sight: Archaeological Museum Corfu

Archaeological Museum

Curious about the history of Corfu? Visit the Archaeological Museum in Kerkyra, where you’ll find such treasures as sculptures from the Artemis Temple. The museum also has a variety of bronze statues from the Archaic to the Roman period and a large collection of old coins. If you’re interested in ancient history, the museum also displays findings from the 6th and 7th century BC, including the Lion of Menekrates and pottery from the shrines of Corfu. 



The highest mountain on Corfu is the Pantokrator. It is 906 metres high and is located in the northeastern part of the island. You can reach the top of the mountain via a long narrow road. A monastery from the 14th century is located on top of the mountain that offers fantastic views of all the sights of Corfu. When the weather is right, you can see as far as Albania and Italy!

Sight: Pantokrator


It’s very easy to take a day trip from Kerkyra to the seaside city of Saranda in Albania – only 90 minutes by boat. You need a visa to visit Albania, but this can be arranged on the boat. Saranda is one of the most famous seaside towns in the country. From here you can also visit the ancient Butrint settlement, which is very well preserved and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.