The best sights in Thessaloniki

Many of the sights in Thessaloniki take you back to ancient Greece. Travel back nearly 2,000 years in time and visit the Archaeological Museum, Museum of Byzantine Culture and Arch of Galerius.


White tower

The most eye-catching of all sights in Thessaloniki is the 34-metre-high White Tower from the time of the Ottoman Empire. Having at one time been used as a prison and execution site, it was dubbed the Tower of Blood. To rid itself of that name, it was painted white in 1833 and renamed the White Tower. If you climb the stairs to the sixth floor, you can enjoy beautiful views of the Bay of Thessaloniki.


Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum takes you through the rich history of Thessaloniki and the rest of northern Greece. Here you will find numerous objects from ancient Macedonia, including pottery and tools. Although the collection is many centuries old, the museum itself is very modern and interactive. Touchscreens, for example, provide more information on the background of the objects on display.


Museum of Byzantine Culture

The Museum of Byzantine Culture transports visitors through the Byzantine period, which began in the 3rd century and lasted nearly 1,000 years. This unique museum boasts a collection of more than 3,000 objects from that time. Divided among 11 rooms, the items on display include art from early Christian churches and utensils from that time period. The building itself is also impressive. It was designed by architect Kyriakos Krokos and has been designated a national historic monument.


Arch of Galerius

The Arch of Galerius is a beautiful example of Roman architecture from the 4th century and worth a visit or your citytrip in Thessaloniki. It is dedicated to the Roman Emperor Galerius. It originally consisted of four arches and a central dome, but only this one arch remains. Nowadays, it is surrounded by modern shops and restaurants. Talk about a contrast!


Aristotelous Square

Aristotelous Square is located in the heart of Thessaloniki. This square was designed in 1918 by French architect Ernest Hébrard after much of the city was destroyed by fire the previous year. Aristotelous Square is the busiest square in the city and is brimming with activity! You can spend hours enjoying its shops, pubs and restaurants, not to mention fabulous views of the sea. Since the square is located so centrally, it is often used for events like concerts and Christmas and other markets.