Reykjavik, Iceland

Book a flight to Reykjavik and experience a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. Plunge - literally - into the unique Blue Lagoon (geothermal baths with a delightful temperature of around 39 degrees) or enjoy the spectacular northern lights during the winter.

One thing we can guarantee: no city is as unique as the world’s northernmost capital! With a population of less than 120,000, Reykjavik has an intimate feel and is wonderfully compact. The city’s eye-catching centre is the Hallgrimskirkja church, where you can enjoy fabulous views of the city from the top.

When are you flying to Reykjavik?

Unlike what you might expect from a country called Iceland, the average temperature in Reykjavik in the winter is around freezing. Summers are cool, with temperatures reaching 15 to 20 degrees. So, you can expect sightseeing without uncomfortable sweating, which is a good thing because Reykjavik and the rest of Iceland have plenty to see and do. A little too chilly for you? Visit the Blue Lagoon!

Practical information

Transport to/from the airport

You’re flying to Keflavik Airport in Reykjavik. It is located about 50 km from Reykjavik. You can travel to/from the airport by taxi or bus.
  • Taxi

    Take a taxi from the airport and travel to the centre of Reykjavik easily. It takes about 45 minutes to get to the city centre.
  • Bus

    The Flybus departs approximately 40 minutes after every arrival to the picturesque centre of Reykjavik. The last stop is the 'BSI Bus Terminal'. Buy your tickets at the airport or online on the Flybus website

Transport in the city/region

Travel anywhere within Reykjavik:
  • Bus

    Most of Reykjavik’s sights are within walking distance of each other. Planning on using public transport anyway? The bus is the most frequently used mode of transport in Reykjavik. You can buy your tickets in the bus. Buses run every 20 minutes on weekdays and every half hour during the weekend.
  • Taxi

    You will find taxis all over Reykjavik. You can hail them anywhere on the street. The taxi companies charge standard fares.

Passport and visa

You need a valid passport or identity card.

Time zone

GMT + 0
In winter, it is 1 hour earlier in Reykjavik than it is in the Netherlands. and 2 hours in summer.


The currency used in Reykjavik is the Iceland Krona (ISK).

Duration of flight

The flight to Reykjavik lasts approximately 3 hours. The outbound and inbound flights may be shorter if the wind direction is favourable.