From modern architecture to archaeological excavations and from snow-topped mountains to the Negev desert, Israel has plenty to keep you occupied.

Israel is a country with many centuries of history. Discover the Wailing Wall, Crusader castles and beautiful churches. In addition to historic buildings, this country is also perfect for a beach holiday, from the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea to the Dead Sea. In the latter, you can enjoy your surroundings while floating effortlessly. The white beaches along the other seas are equally as delightful for relaxing and divers can explore fabulous coral reefs. Want to combine fantastic days on the waterside with a trendy city? Tel Aviv is the place to be! Book your flight to the unique country of Israel today.

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Book a flight to Tel Aviv and experience an unforgettable holiday! Frolic in the Mediterranean Sea, take in some culture, and enjoy trendy nightlife.

Unlike what you might expect, Tel Aviv is the perfect beach destination. This coastal city boasts beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal clear water, perfect not only for relaxing, but also kitesurfing or playing a game of beach volleyball.

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