Impressive sights in Pisa

The Tower of Pisa is not to be missed. But are you aware that Pisa has a lot more to offer? This Italian city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for good reason. We’ve put together a list of the best sights in Pisa.


Leaning Tower of Pisa

If you think of Pisa, you think of the Tower of Pisa. And of course, you can’t miss a visit to this lopsided wonder of the world when on a city trip to Pisa. So take walk to the Piazza dei Miracoli and climb to the top. Or view the Tower of Pisa from a distance. You must get a photo of you holding up the tower for your collection. 


Campo Santo (monastery)

This large square monastery has a gallery of ornate arches that lead you to the inner courtyard. The floor of the monastery consists of graves of the patricians from Pisa and you will find Roman sarcophagi along the sides. The walls were covered in frescoes, but most were lost in a fire. A number of frescoes were saved and have been restored. You can admire them in the monastery. 

Sight: Campo Santo (monastery)
Sight: Museo Nazionale

Museo Nazionale

You will find the National Museum of Italy in a former Benedictine monastery and it's very much worth a visit during your citytrip to Pisa. It houses an exceptional collection of sculptures and photographs from the 12th to 15th century. Of particular interest are the statues from various churches that were brought here to protect them from weather damage. So you will find the original statues in the museum – replicas stand in the churches. 


Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

Besides the Tower of Pisa, this white marble cathedral is one of Pisa’s most impressive sights. The enormous dome, the bronze doors and the angular pulpit with scenes from the New Testament make this cathedral a place worth visiting during your city trip to Pisa.


Palazzo dei Cavalieri

One of Pisa’s most impressive sights, is the Palazzo dei Cavalieri. According to many, this palace is the most impressive and ornate building in Pisa, beyond the Piazza dei Miracoli. The façade is richly decorated with coats of arms and busts, among other things. The grandeur is only strengthened by the protruding roof and the double staircase leading to the entrance.