Impressive sights in Casablanca

Whether you are travelling to or through Casablanca, this modern city has plenty to offer. Casablanca: all the sights in a row.


The Hassan II Mosque

The Hassan II Mosque dominates the entire city. And not surprisingly really considering it is two hectares in size, making it the second biggest mosque in the world. The 200-metre-high minaret is the world’s highest. The prayer hall can accommodate 25,000 believers and another 80,000 in the inner courtyard. And this is all wonderfully decorated.


Casablanca Corniche

If you want to see and be seen then you can go to La Corniche in Casablanca, a district by the sea. It is where you will find the most luxurious hotels and restaurants. During the day it is a perfect spot for sunbathing and swimming and you can find refreshment at the beach clubs, some of which have a pool. If you would like some Western food or entertainment then this is the place to be. You can find various fast-food chains and a cinema.

Sight: Casablanca Corniche
Sight: Mohammed V square

Mohamed V square

If you are looking for an impressive sight in Casablanca then you mustn’t miss this central square. It has the important official city buildings. Consider the post office, the Palace of Justice, the French consulate and the largest bank of Morocco. And it is a great place to wander among the locals in the evenings.


Central Market

Visit the central market in the middle of the centre, where the local population trade their wares. Traders yell out their special offers across the market – a sight in itself. You can find everything here from plastic bowls to the famous Moroccan slippers. A great market for all and you will be guaranteed the best snapshots.

Sights: Mohammedia


A citytrip to Casablanca is the perfect opportunity to take a day trip to Mohammedia. This quiet town is 28 kilometres from Casablanca and with its lovely beaches, is a relaxing alternative to the hustle and bustle of the city. Lose yourself wandering through the small medina and enjoy the lively cafés and restaurants along the coastline.