Sights in Katowice

The Polish city of Katowice is becoming increasingly popular with tourists. Partly due to its completely renewed Silezisch Museum and Rynek, the renovated market square. Curious? We’ve put together a list of the five most important sights in Katowice.


Historic Museum

If you want to learn more about the history of the city and the life of its inhabitants, then make sure you visit the Katowice Historic Museum. This museum covers three floors and home interiors have been recreated in the rooms. Take your time and imagine yourself in the lives of families from the middle and higher classes of Katowice from 20, 50 and 100 years ago. An absolute must!

Sight: Rynek


For a long time, the central market square, Rynek, was an ugly, unremarkable square with post- war buildings. Not exactly one of the prettiest sights in Katowice. But the square has undergone major renovations in recent years and the completely renewed Rynek opened in 2015. Complete with flowing river, loungers and palm trees. The city hall on the square has also been renovated. A major step for tourism in Katowice and certainly worth visiting!


Silesian Museum

The Silesian Museum is one of the largest sights in Katowice. The museum houses Polish paintings from 1800 to 1939 as well as all kinds of pieces from the visual arts, archaeology, ethnography and the local history and culture. The most exceptional part is probably the new section that was opened mid-2015. It is partly underground, in a former coal mine.

Sight: Silesian Museum
Sight: Cathedral of Christ the King

Cathedral of Christ the King

The Cathedral of Christ the King is the largest cathedral in Poland. It was built between 1927 and 1955 and is largely very simple. The interior does have a large 59-metre dome, colourful stained- glass windows and a remarkable crucifix. The accompanying museum has a collection of sacred art from the late 14 th century, including a number of Gothic alter pieces. It is one of Katowice’s sights that you must not miss!



The Spodek building, which means dish, hosts sports and music events. The exterior of the dish-shaped building is impressive enough in itself to gain admiration. Going to a concert there would be the cherry on top. Did you know that Metallica has even given a concert in Spodek?