Have you already packed your bagpipes and kilt? Good, because we are taking you to the country of enchanting lakes, mountainous landscapes, historical castles and the best whisky: Scotland!

Are you intrigued by the centuries-old myth of the monster of Loch Ness? Fly with us to Scotland and sail on a boat on the lovely Loch Ness. Be surprised by the 3,000 castles, ride through the Scottish Highlands with the Harry Potter train or taste the various types of whisky. You can experience it all for yourself with a ticket to Edinburgh! In the capital city, we recommend Edinburgh castle and the medieval streets that form the main thoroughfare, the Royal Mile. Book your ticket to Scotland now and enjoy an unforgettable trip!

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Rolling hills, traditional pubs, impressive castles, classical buildings and the best whisky; there are few cities as charming as Edinburgh. 

Situated on the hills, you find the enchanting capital city of Scotland: Edinburgh. There is one street you cannot avoid: the Royal Mile. The main thoroughfare takes you from the famous Edinburgh castle to the wonderful Holyrood Palace. 

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