Impressive sights in Antalya

The inviting city of Antalya lies at the foot of the Taurus Mountains and is surrounded by beaches and tall cliffs. Spend your time relaxing on the beach and enjoying the beautiful sights of Antalya.

Sight: Yivli Minare Mosque

Yivli Minare Mosque

The famous Yivli Minare Mosque is the symbol of the city of Antalya. It is 38 metres high, which is why the city residents have nicknamed it Ulu Cami, which means grand mosque. It is located in Kaleiçi, the historic centre of the city. A place of worship was built here back in the 13th century, but the mosque in its current form was not built until a century later. Nowadays, you can visit the mosque and see a range of objects from Turkish history. 


Düden and Kursunlu Falls

Just outside the city, you will find the breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls of Düden and Kursunlu. These waterfalls are the most beautiful site in Antalya! The two Düden falls are located around 10 kilometres north of Antalya. The top waterfall is nearly 28 metres high and is situated in a lovely nature park. It is absolutely recommended to take a walk behind the waterfall. The Kursunlu falls are even more beautiful (if this is even possible) than the Düden ones. That’s mostly due to the nature surrounding them. The waterfalls are surrounded by pine trees and fall into a lovely little lake. Fantastic!

Sight: Archaeological Museum Antalya

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is one of the most important museums in Turkey and therefore a site in Antalya that can’t be missed. The museum boasts a gigantic collection of archaeological objects from Turkish history, including marble sculptures from the Roman period and a unique statue of Heracles. Set aside a few hours to see all the wonderful exhibitions in the Archaeological Museum!


Karain Cave

To visit the Karain Cave, you need to step outside the city. That’s because it’s located around 25 kilometres northwest of Antalya. What makes the cave so unique is that it was already occupied by people around 200,000 years ago! Archaeologists have made some amazing historic finds here as a result. This has given them a good idea about how people lived in prehistoric times. The Karain Cave is the largest in all of Turkey and is a unique experience, especially for history buffs. 

Sight: Karain Cave

Karaalioğlu Park

Want to take a break from exploring all the historic sites of Antalya? Go visit the Karaalioğlu Park. This green heart of the city is located directly next to the ancient harbour. Both young and old alike cool down here during hot summer days. You can also enjoy wonderful views from the park. In the evening and on the weekends, you’ll find yourself sitting among all the local residents of Antalya.