Eindhoven – Mallorca flight

Want to enjoy a relaxing journey to a fabulous Spanish island? Book a flight to Mallorca and fly from Eindhoven Airport!

Mallorca is breathtakingly beautiful. Gigantic cliffs rise high above the clear blue sea and lovely green pine forests can be found directly inland from the beautiful coastline. Want to see more than just the beaches? Visit the vineyards and explore the capital of Palma de Mallorca, the vibrant hub of the island. You can book a flight from Eindhoven to Mallorca from as little as €65!

Fly from Eindhoven to Mallorca? Pure relaxation!

Do you live close to Eindhoven? Then flying to Mallorca from Eindhoven Airport is perfect for you. You can reach the airport within minutes, park close to the departure hall and there are no long queues at the check-in desks. All you need to do is step into the plane and enjoy a comfortable flight and holiday!

Did you know...

  1. The distance from Eindhoven to Mallorca is 1,337 km.
  2. A flight from Eindhoven to Palma de Mallorca takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes.
  3. Transavia flies from Eindhoven to Mallorca an average of 6 times a week in summer and 2 times a week in winter.
  4. Transavia flies directly from Eindhoven to Mallorca.
  5. When flying from Eindhoven to Palma de Mallorca, you can check in online for your flight from 30 to 4 hours before departure.
  6. You can use a mobile boarding pass for your flight from Eindhoven to Mallorca.