Assistance on board

Do you require assistance on board? Transavia has qualified cabin staff who can provide you with various forms of assistance during the flight. However, the cabin crew is not authorised to help passengers with eating or personal hygiene, to lift or carry passengers or to administer medicine or injections. If you require such care, you will have to travel with a personal assistant who can help you during the flight. We explain this requirement below.

When is a personal assistant required?

If you require assistance on board, it will be necessary in many situations to bring your own assistant. A personal assistant is required for the following passengers:

  • A passenger with a mental disability who is unable to understand or follow safety instructions from the cabin crew.
  • A passenger with a serious sight or hearing impairment who is unable to communicate or follow safety instructions.
  • A passenger who is unable to eat or drink independently.
  • A passenger who cannot go to the lavatory without assistive aids.
  • A passenger who needs help with personal hygiene, for example using the lavatory.
  • A passenger who must use medical oxygen on board.
  • A passenger who requires medication or injections.
Please note:

Our cabin crew is only able to provide limited assistance on board. The passengers listed above must always have a personal assistant with them on board. The person providing assistance must be aged 16 or older. We do not have an on-board wheelchair on our aircraft.

Need assistance at the airport? Request assistance beforehand!

Do you require assistance at the airport or from the airport to the aircraft? Let us know!

In some situations, it is necessary to request assistance from medical services beforehand. This can be done via My Transavia up to 48 hours before your flight departs. This gives you the certainty of receiving the appropriate assistance at the airport. Assistance from medical services is possible if:

  • You are travelling with a wheelchair or scoot mobile.
  • You require assistance at the airport or from the airport to the aircraft.
  • You need extra oxygen on board during your flight.
  • You are travelling with an assistance dog.
  • You are deaf or blind.

Assistance from the car park to the airport

At Amsterdam Airport Schiphol:

Axxicom Airport Caddy (AAC) provides assistance at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. There are special telephone pillars at nine locations, including the car park and station, where you can request assistance. Assistance can also be requested via or

At Paris (Orly) Airport:

If you have a disabled parking card in your car (a GIC-GIG in France), you can drive to the drop-off point between Terminals B and C in Orly Sud. You receive a 50% parking discount if you have a disabled parking card. Special disabled parking spots are available.
Taxis G7 offers taxi transport to disabled persons living in Paris or Ile-de-France. 
You can also use the ADP airport shuttle buses, which are equipped for transporting disabled passengers. 

Other airports

Contact the airport in question.

Assistance from the check-in desk to the gate can be arranged directly with Transavia.

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