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How do I enter my name properly when booking?

If your name begins with an apostrophe and/or you have an accented letter in your name, make sure to omit that apostrophe and/or accented letter when entering your name. Otherwise, a system error will occur. 

Always enter your last name as stated in your passport. It is important to enter your name correctly. Keep in mind that you will not be allowed on a flight if the name in the booking does not match the name in your passport. 

Tip: If you have a Dutch passport, use your maiden name, since this is always stated in your passport.


Where can I find information for business partners?

Transavia has a special website for business partners: https://partner.transavia.com.
This website can only be accessed by business partners of Transavia, such as tour operators and travel agents, with their own username and password.

Access to transpartner
Are you a business partner of Transavia but have not received the access codes for transpartner? Send an e-mail to sales.support@transavia.com.

Does Transavia have a Business Class?

Transavia does not have a Business Class section on board. The entire aircraft consists of Economy Class.

From which gate does my flight depart?

The monitors displaying departure times at the airport show the gate number where you will be boarding. Make sure you are at this gate by the boarding time stated. Passengers who arrive at the gate late will not be allowed to board and will lose their right to transport.

How can I change my email address for the newsletter?

Want to receive our newsletter at a different e-mail address from now on? You can change your address via the ‘Change profile’ link at the bottom of the e-mail newsletter. To change an e-mail address in a booking for a flight that has not yet taken place, contact our Service Centre. Please use the ‘unsubscribe’ link if you no longer wish to receive the newsletter.

Is the time difference with my destination already taken into account in the time of arrival?

All departure and arrival times are shown in the local time. If there is a time difference between the departure and arrival destination, it may appear as if the duration of the outbound flight is different from the return flight.

Can I purchase a travel and/or cancellation insurance from Transavia?

You can take out travel and/or cancellation insurance when making a booking or afterwards in My Transavia. The insurance is purchased from our insurance partner, Chubb. You can choose any of the following insurances:

Travel and cancellation insurance
This insurance covers your flight reservation costs if you need to cancel your flight. It also covers your luggage, medical and legal costs and personal liability. You are covered for the duration of your trip with Transavia from the time of departure to the airport for your outbound Transavia flight until you return to your home or accommodation. For more information, see the policy terms and conditions and policy summary.

Cancellation insurance
The Cancellation insurance covers the cancellation costs of each flight. This is the value of the reservation that you booked on www.transavia.com including additional items such as baggage fees. It excludes administration costs. For more information, see the policy terms and conditions and policy summary.

For urgent medical help abroad, contact Chub assistance at +31 (0)10 289 41 50.

To submit a claim go to www.chubbclaims.co.uk, or:

Until how long in advance am I able to make a reservation for a flight via the website?

Transavia flights are entered by season into the system. The summer season runs from April to October, while the winter season is from November to March. The flights for the upcoming season can be booked via the website before the season begins. However, the exact dates on which the flight schedule is announced differ each season.

Want to stay up-to-date on all the relevant dates? Sign up for the newsletter. This can be done at the bottom of our homepage. In general, flights can be booked via the website up to two hours before departure.