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Innovation at Transavia

At Transavia, we push the envelope of innovation each and every day. And what better way to do that than together with you, our customer! This page contains prototypes and concepts we are currently working on.

Appie Fly

No breakfast in the house after your holiday? Then, Appie Fly is the solution!

Appie Fly is a joint experiment by Albert Heijn and Transavia that allows passengers to order fresh breakfast boxes while on board and then collect them after arrival at Schiphol. Passengers can choose from two breakfast packages: A breakfast of bread with sandwich filling or a yoghurt/fruit breakfast. The experiment has been conducted on two flights, after which the passengers were able to collect the box straight after arrival in the arrivals hall.

Luggage service

Increasing passenger convenience by collecting luggage from home in advance.

Carrying heavy suitcases is now a thing of the past thanks to the joint experiment by PostNL and Transavia. The service can be booked easily online, after which the evening before departure PostNL will collect the luggage from the passenger’s house. The luggage is then taken to Schiphol and checked in directly by the courier.

Renewed payments on board

Debit card payments in an offline environment are possible with Transavia!

Hassling on board with cash or credit cards that people don’t use every day will soon be a thing of the past. As the first airline in Europe, Transavia is providing the option of paying by debit card on board the plane (in an offline environment). And that’s not all, you can pay contactless and use any payment method, including the latest wearables (see video clip). It has never been so easy to pay on board with Transavia!


Transavia is looking for developers by adding its software to GitHub.

GitHub is a popular website on which software can be added.

Companies such as Microsoft, Facebook and Google are avid users of the open-source platform because it offers them a quick way of reaching a large group of international developers to help them improve their software.

Blockchain with Schiphol

Real-time offers and information via a private blockchain.

Many experts consider blockchain to be one of the most promising developments in the sector. And Transavia is not sitting still in this regard. Together with Schiphol we have conducted a blockchain experiment to make the day of departure easier for passengers. Currently, information is shared across various resources leaving passengers unsure which to believe. What makes using blockchain unique is that all this information can be collected, without Schiphol and Transavia mutually exchanging passenger data.

Chatbot (FB Messenger)

The first step in using chatbots within Transavia.

At Transavia, we never stop working to offer our passengers faster and better service. Which is why in 2017 we stated the first chatbot pilot on Facebook Messenger. This bot helps consumers to find the right tickets by asking the right questions and feeding back relevant offers, without a physical person answering the questions. The latest development in this field is searching flights using question-driven searches (Google Home and Alexa). The development of chatbots will enable Transavia to help customers with their questions in real-time.

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