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Innovation at Transavia: Open API Hackaton

Transavia believes in continuous innovation. During the Open API Hackaton on 2 July 2015, the Transavia eCommerce team set out to work on the unique Flight Offers API. The goal: to use this API to make as creative and unique an application as possible that would generate added value for Transavia.

After the opening of the Hackaton by Commercial Director Roy Scheerder, the developers, designers, interaction developers and scrum masters competed against one another. They had seven hours to convince a jury of four of the value of their application. The jury consisted of Wolter van Haersma Buma (Transavia), Harm van Hees (Transavia), Dorus Verhoeckx (Mirabeau) and Geert Batterink (Accenture).

The results:

Dagtoppers app (available in Dutch only)

Interested in last-minute departures to one of the 100+ Transavia destinations? The Dagtoppers app lets you swipe last-minute Transavia apps á la Tinder. The app shows all flights departing within a month. You swipe to the left if you don’t like the Daily Hit you're shown and to the right if you want to book the flight. You are then immediately redirected to the Transavia booking module.

Winner of the Open API Hackaton!

Eurotrip app

Plan your Europe trip in a whole new way! You simply enter the city, site or event you’d like to visit (e.g. the Eiffel Tower, Budapest or an FC Barcelona match) and the Eurotrip app selects the most suitable flights for you.

Travel Coach app

This app lets you carry out an alternative search for flights based on price, without entering a destination. Travel Coach allows you to search for a flight based on price, period (month), number of persons, duration of stay and preferred departure day (e.g. Friday), as well as on the purpose of your trip.