Last minute tickets to Venice

Are you looking for a romantic last minute destination? Then fly from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Venice: the city of gondolas, palaces and the most beautiful squares!

Book a last minute flight to enchanting Venice and discover the city by gondola. Be swept off your feet by the breathtaking, picturesque little streets and enchanting palaces. Do you want both your feet back on the ground? There are plenty of places to go. There is a fish market on Saturdays. Here, you can try delicious fresh fish and enjoy the ambience!

Affordable last minute tickets to Venice

Visit what is probably one of the most beautiful squares in the world: St Mark’s Square. The square is surrounded by the most beautiful buildings, such as St Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace. Very special: the square is the lowest point in the city and is sometimes submerged in water. Are you flying last minute from Amsterdam to Venice in January/February? Then join in the world-famous tradition of carnival!

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